Digitizing History: A Journey through 3D Photogrammetry

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Digitisation, Preservation

In 2021, the State Library of Victoria’s Digital Production team embraced 3D digitization through photogrammetry, led by Dr. Katrina Grant and Professor Mitchell Whitelaw from the Australian National University. The team, including Senior Production Technician Bart Geraedts, successfully navigated the process using Metashape software. They created seven detailed 3D assets from rare items in the Emmerson Collection, employing innovative techniques such as focus stacking, where each camera position captured 14 frames.

The final models, comprising millions of sparse cloud points, were showcased on the 3D viewing platform Sketchfab, which integrates with the library catalogue. The 3D facet of the Beyond the Book digital exhibition was the outcome of more than 300 hours of dedicated effort, aimed at enhancing digital accessibility and fostering engagement with this invaluable collection.


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