Developing a Digitisation Strategy

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Digitisation

It is important that organisations plan a digitisation strategy, so they can make the most of the budget available to them and avoid costly mistakes. Planning a digitisation strategy can be daunting: not only should a strategy be complementary to an organisation’s business plan, but it also needs to accurately reflect the scope of its collections and any special requirements it may have.

New Zealand Micrographic Services (owners of Recollect collection management software) have created a resources page that includes a handy outline for developing a digitisation strategy along with other key issues to address when embarking on a digitisation project. Topics include:

Developing a Digitisation Strategy

Why Digitise?

Determining Digitisation Output

Archival Audio-Visual Digitisation

Cultural Heritage 3D Digitisation

Disaster Planning and Preparation



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