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Digitizing History: A Journey through 3D Photogrammetry

In the latest blog post from Margot Note Consulting LLC, the importance of oral histories in archival management takes center stage. The article underscores how oral history projects, comprised of recorded interviews, play a pivotal role in capturing untold stories and providing valuable context for archival materials. GLAM professional are highlighted as key players in preserving the memory of events, enhancing accessibility, and building community through the careful execution of oral history interviews.

They are also a critical way to ensure our collections capture the diversity of our communities.

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WHITE PAPER: Basic Inspection Techniques ​To Sample The Condition of Magnetic Tape

To prevent damage during use and premature loss during storage, it is necessary to inspect magnetic tapes on a periodic basis. Basic warning signs of tape instability can often be identified using the following guidelines.

SPECS BROS. have a useful site for information on archival transfer, restoration and preservation of legacy audio visual materials as part of the digitisation process.

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World Digital Preservation Day (2023)

World Digital Preservation Day (WDPD) is held on the first Thursday of every November. This year we celebrate all things digital preservation on 2nd November 2023! The DPC invites all data creators, curators and consumers from around the world to...

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NDF23 – National Digital Forum 2023

;The National Digital Forum (NDF) is a network of cultural professionals, technologists, educators, and creatives from the cultural sector working together to enhance digital interaction with culture and heritage in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Their...

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DLF Forum 2023

;The DLF (Digital Library Federation) Forum's annual conference which includes events with Learn@DLF and NDSA’s (National Digital Stewardship Alliance) Digital Preservation will take place between November 12-16, 2023 at St. Louis, Missouri, for...

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